Catch up with Lawrence Maleka


Lawrence Maleka is the new presenter for Mzansi Magic’s reality show Clash of the Choirs South Africa.  Lawrence has big shoes to fill as Bonang Mateba was the previous presenter of the show but I must say, it’s refreshing to see a new face on our television screens. This is not Lawrence’ first TV role though, at the age of 19, he landed a role as a presenter on Soweto TV, he later went on to present Star Gist and is now one of the presenters of’s Powerball. He has only been in the entertainment industry for a few years but he is already making his mark.

He has also been featured on Isibaya where he played the character of Don, Thandeka’s (who is played by Nomzamo Mbatha) colleague, and ooh, did I mention that he has his own pan African channel?

I had a little chat with the sexy star…

Q: Who is Lawrence and where does he come from?

A: Lawrence by profession is a television personality that was born in the south western township

Q: When did you realise that you wanna be a presenter/actor?

A: In primary school, when I had a role in the Jungle book. It wasn’t a lead role but I made the most out of it and I’ve been hooked ever since since

Q: How are you finding Clash of the Choirs so far?

A: It’s been a wonderful experience, learning a lot from everyone involved, production, crew and talent

Q: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

A: Every project I do is a highlight; my best work is always my next project. I get to do what I love, as cliché as that is, what else could be better?

Q: What sacrifices have you had to make in order to be successful in the entertainment industry?

A: I’m yet to be successful. I think it’s more about adaptation than sacrifice. Once you understand your industry and rules, you learn how to incorporate yourself to it and bend them

Q: How are you spending Valentine’s Day?

A: It’s on a Sunday right? That’s my one day off. I’ll be home, trying to learn how to play the piano.

Q: Is there someone special in your life?

A: That’s a great question and an important one, and I’m glad you asked that question. But let me step back and answer a broader question. Don’t we all have someone special in our lives? Parents, siblings, friends? As a human being we are bound to develop relationships with all kinds of people to single one out is a difficult task. If we look up the word special, we find that special is a distinction used for just about everything and everyone. So in closing, I feel there are more special people in my life that just one.

Mmmm Okay Lawrence, he is smart too! Check him out every Sunday of clash of the choirs South Africa!

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