House of Vans JHB.


Following the success of the southernmost House of Vans event in Cape Town this March, Johannesburg was selected to host a bumper weekend of music, art, street culture and skateboarding (25th – 27th August). The event was part ofVans anniversary celebrating 50 Years “Off The Wall”.

The final day at the House of Vans Johannesburg welcomed live performances from some of SA’s top music talent including TMO, Slice Frederico, Olwee and Speedsta. The Johannesburg crowd gave a sizzling welcome to long overdue debut performance by Youngsta (Cape Town) in the City of Gold. Towards the end of the performance and as the crowd expected Youngsta to start winding down – enter longtime collaborator and friend, Stilo Magolide.  The streets of Braamfontein could hear the echoes of cheers as the crowd erupted with a collaborative version of Pose Like Stilo.

The official House of Vans Johannesburg recap video is now available, featuring an unreleased single Animal by Stilo Magolide.


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